how will i know when i’m too old for tumblr? i don’t want to be on here in 10 years posting recipes and talking about how to get stains off the carpet

Anonymous: iI legit have the exact same VHS movies as you and possibly more hidden away somewhere. be my movie buddy

hell yeah hell yeah i have lots more vhs tapes but they’re not disney we can watch movies for like 2 months straight together

posting just in case anyone forgot my disney vhs collection is the best


when a group of teenagers walks past you and starts laughing at you for no apparent reason


Anonymous: I smell like beef

like that baby in the video or are you some gross weirdo who rolls in beef??

i love pictures of pitbulls with little lipstick kissy marks all over their heads i don’t know how you get them off but it’s so freakin cute

can’t see the haters